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Drawing roads is a snap with the Autoroad tool. Forget line by line drawing, Autoroads allows you to draw complex road layouts in minutes.

Marker tool

Whatever it is you need to draw on and around your roads, RapidPlan has the tool for the job. Comprehensive marker and delineation tools allow you to accurately depict your worksite.

Sign libraries

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, RapidPlan has all the signs you need. We have specialized sign libraries for different countries, states and other regions throughout the world. And if it’s not there, making it yourself is a cinch in RapidPlan. Or just ask our support team and they’ll whip it up in no time., free of charge.


There’ll be times you won’t even need to draw a plan with RapidPlan. Countless templates are available, all are fully customizable.

Import capabilities

From aerial photos to CAD files, RapidPlan helps you make the most of the diagrams, images and plans that you already have. Don’t redraw anything if you don’t have to, just import it into RapidPlan.


Despite the variety of specialized tools, RapidPlan still exhibits exceptional functionality. From basic traffic control plans, to evacuation diagrams, RapidPlan makes any plans on and around roadways a breeze..

Plan types


Use existing CAD diagrams directly in RapidPlan. Why redraw everything if you don’t have to? You can also export completed plans back out to a CAD compatible format.

GIS Overlay

If your organization utilizes a GIS system RapidPlan is the perfect complement. Maps and images can be directly overlaid in RapidPlan.

Work Instruction

RapidPlan is extremely flexible, virtually any diagram on and around your roadways can be created simply and easily. Even work site setup and instruction diagrams are a snap.

Street View

It's even possible with RapidPlan to create perspective views of your worksite showing how all elements will be laid out. Great for public outreach or feasibility studies.

Aerial Photos

With aerial photos now readily available through a number of online services, plan creation is faster than ever. You can import aerial photos directly into RapidPlan for an accurate depiction of your roadways in seconds.

Custom Plans

Sometimes you need to just draw a plan from scratch - RapidPlan has all the tools you need to quickly and easily lay out complete diagrams regardless of complexity.